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Friday, 17 February 2017

Loving you - JORD watches

Tomorrow is mine and Dann's nine year anniversary! Nine whole years as a couple! (We celebrate four years of marriage in May FYI). 
I always like marking the big occasions in our life on this blog as it's sort of like my personal online photo diary. I also know that Dann reads all my blog posts, so I can write something super cute and if I've forgotten a card (sorry, again) I'm kind of covered! Does it get more romantic than a specially dedicated blog post? I think not!

We've learnt an awful lot in the last nine years, not only about each other, but about life in general. Having a child together has probably been the biggest trial of our lives (anyone who thinks having a child will save your marriage is so far wrong they may as well be on the moon) but also the absolute best thing to happen to us too.

The thing about love, and the thing I think is most amazing about it, is it ever changing. Some days you're totally smitten, and other (more tired, anxious or stressful) days it takes a back burner. It develops as each of you develop as a person, and I think that's kind of special. 
Neither of us are exactly the way we were nine years ago. Think 100 hair style changes, more body fat (for us both) more tattoos, better style, less sleep, more stuff, less shoes (me), more shoes (Dann).We've gone through heartbreak together, redundancy, job changes, four homes together, collected debt together, been on holiday and had the absolute best days together. 

I couldn't have given birth without him, I couldn't bring up our son without him (and I know that's vice versa too, ha ha) and I would not be happy without him. It's been a nine year rollercoaster of a ride, and for two people that don't even like rollercoasters, we're not even slightly ready to get off!
I thought I'd share a few photos from last weekend with you, because they make me super happy - just look at them FACES!!!

Plus as a little anniversary present I'm working with JORD Wood Watches to bring something very unique (a bit like Dann) to the blog. Dann's never really been a watch wearer, mostly because he's never found anything he really likes. Like me we're both ring wearers and that is almost it (Dann has 16mm plugs too) so when JORD asked if Dann would like a watch I was a teeny bit sceptical that he'd go for it. 

As it turns out these watches aren't quite like your ordinary watch. They're made from natural wood and to be frank, Dann fell in love with they're uniqueness. Dann chose the Delmar Watch in Red Sandalwood and Red Carbon*. It's a red wooden watch with a rectangular clock face making it a chunky but interesting looking watch. I think it's size and shape, alongside the unusual colour is what really sold it as it's natural looking and robust. It' really lightweight, which makes everyday wear from a non-watch wearer much easier and realistic. And perhaps a strange one, but it smells great too. I'm not often into smelling watches, but these smell so great and natural.

Dann has literally worn it every single day since, which is sort of a miracle, and says a lot for the watch for him to be that happy with it straight away. And he's had a lot of compliments on it too! Which always makes him happy. 

I'm actually really pleased that he has something that is the perfect gift for our anniversary/kind of late Valentines present. I'm normally so forgetful that he doesn't really get much (his birthday is in less than a week too so I can be forgiven).

By the way, the photos below were taken in Bill's Restaurant in Southampton, and it is literally the best! It's a must if you're visiting the city! You're welcome! 

For your chance to win a $100 off voucher for your own Luxury Wooden Watch enter their competition here.
Giveaway will close on the 5th March 2017. Winners will be contacted by JORD watches directly. Voucher sent to winners will expire on the 31st May 2017. Please note that if entering from the UK, all watches are subject to customs charges on entry into the country. All entries will be sent a $25 off voucher when the competition closes too! 

*watch provided for review purposes. All opinions, as always are my own, and the same goes for Dann.
Affiliate links are used across this blog. 


  1. Aw I hope you had an amazing anniversary!! And I have seen so much about these watches, I just wish I wore watches often

  2. I hope you had a lovely anniversary and I absolutely love these watches, they are so unique x

  3. Wow the watch looks incredible! Happy anniversary to you both. Nine years is quite an achievement! Here's to many more happy years together.

  4. Looks like you had a great time! The Watch looks beautiful!

  5. The more I see Jord watches the more I love the brand!!

  6. Aww what a lovely post, I'm jealous that your husband reads your blog haha. Mine loves his Jord watch, they're fab quality xx

  7. Lovely post. Congrats on 9 years together and that watch is so nice! It's not a brand I had heard of before tbh x

  8. Aww happy anniversary what a lovely post! Love the watch I had one from JORD recently so nice aren't they x

  9. What a sweet post, congrats on 9 years guys!! John is practically begging me to go to get his watch from the post office depo :')

  10. Oooh I've seen a lot of these watches about, they look great! xo


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