Water Baby

February 25, 2017

Henry’s been a little water baby since he was tiny – he is the biggest fan ever of bath time (read my essentials bathtime post, and our bedtime routine here.) and loves nothing more than splashing about.

I’m also a huge water fan. I love the sea, being by the river, and being in the pool. I find it relaxing and calming, and think it is the best kind of exercise you can get. 

Personally I only actually learnt to swim at the age of 11 just before our first holiday (Haven for the win) but it isn’t the introduction to swimming that I wanted for Henry. I’m a firm believer that water confidence and the ability to swim is really important for children, so I enrolled us into swim classes at our local pool when Henry was 7 months old.

I’m not going to lie, I really wish I’d gotten the courage up sooner, but groups like this make me really nervous, and a little bit anxious. When we decided to start the swim classes at Hamble Sports Complex, I was still nervous as the timeslot is smack bang in the middle of his morning nap, so I wasn’t sure how he’d cope. But it’s definitely been the best decision I’ve made in ages to go ahead with the classes.

Basically the final push to take him swimming was when I booked us a couple of little staycations for June and October which both included pools, which I really wanted to take Henry to, so I bit the bullet.

^^Is there actually anything cuter than baby rolls? I don’t think so!^^ 

So I picked him up some bits for his classes, which I really think helped him, and made the classes easier which I’m going to share with you. 

Of course we got swim nappies. I picked these Huggies Lil Swimmers from Boots (they were on offer 2 for £6 and currently on deal at half price £2.75) to go under his Swim bottoms (they’re also called Swim Happy Nappies but for the sake of this post I’ll call them bottoms). I also picked up the matching Baby Wrap Wetsuit as after a little twitter conversation, it seemed this was the best bet in case the pool was particularly cold. Plus he looks super cute in them! AND orange trim – an absolute must!! FYI the Swim Happy Nappy is a little tricky to pull on to a wriggling child, but is totally worth it, and the Wetsuit is literally the easiest thing on the planet to put on. It velcro’s up and lays out completely flat to put your child inside it. Plus it lasts a good length of time too (we’re in 6-18months). It’s really thick and perfect for in the sun too as it has UV protection. It practically ticks all the boxes for mums. 

So onto the swim class. It’s basically singing and playing but in the pool and getting them to learn water confidence and not being afraid of being splashed or dunked. Our swim teacher teaches about all the different baby reflexes, and helps to build not only your babies confidence in water, but mum’s (or dad’s) in being in the water with your little one too!

Honestly the class is the highlight of my week and something we look forward to. Henry literally started bouncing in my arms with excitement when he sees the pool and starts splashing the minute we’re in the water (yes I’m the mum that’s covered in as much water as the babies are due to being splashed so much!) Plus the class absolutely knackers him out. He falls asleep in the pushchair on the walk home (we live about 15 minutes walk away from the sports centre) and sleeps for at least an hour, sometimes two, which means I can get on with some blog work/chores!! 

I cannot recommend swim classes enough!

Do you do swim classes with your little ones? What age did you start? 

20 responses to “Water Baby”

  1. Claire Mason says:

    How adorable is his little swim wear. I couldn't agree more, water confidence is so important. I took my eldest every Monday until his brother came along. Now we have to wait till daddy can come too

  2. Jenny says:

    I took my youngest swimming but there was such a small gap between my two I never took the older one. Now they both have swim lessons and love it!

  3. Sarah says:

    Aww cutie! I've never taken my little ones to swim classes per se, but we do go swimming with them quite often. x

  4. Ickle Pickle says:

    Aawww so cute! I really must sort out some swimming lessons for Pickle. Kaz 🙂

  5. Therese Gilbert says:

    I love his little swimming outfit! 😀 Sadly we never did baby swim with either of the children, it's just too expensive for us – but I wish I could have. 🙂

  6. fashionmommy says:

    I took my little boy swimming from six months and he was a total water baby, it's totally the best thing to get kids used to the water from an early age.

  7. Purely Amy says:

    How strange! I just posted about water classes being so good for health and for children the benefits are through the roof. Giving them confidence in water, a good sense of 'active health' and it's great for bonding with parents too! I'm so glad you both enjoy your swims!

  8. Tamsin says:

    We don't but I wish we had. My son is 4 and I haven't taken him due to the fact I've constantly been in hospital since he was born. We are looking at starting his lessons through school when he starts this September as the school actually does offer swimming lessons.

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      That's so good that the school does them! My junior school did too but it was the smallest outdoor pool ever!!

  9. Wellies and Wishes says:

    I love these wetsuits, I need to order one for Oscar actually, Emelia loved hers. I haven't used the bottoms before, but I think I'll invest in a pair for Oscar.

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      They're really so good! Since this post we actually don't use the bottoms with the vest, just the vest and a disposable!

  10. Kira L Curtis says:

    It's a long time off but this is something I really look forward to being able to do whenever I have a kid!

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