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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

My first Mother's Day

Last Sunday was my first Mother's Day, and it was a good one! 

We didn't really have a plan as such, but knew that as the weather was looking good (hooray for sunny Southampton) that we wanted to get outside and make the most of all the sunshine! 

So after red velvet pancakes in bed (very good by the way) and presents, we went out just before lunchtime. We decided to walk up to the Royal Victoria Country Park so donned our trainers, our rucksack and grabbed some bits for lunch, and off we went. 

As you're about to see we (OK it was me!) went a little photo mad, but we're really loving getting our camera out at the moment, and the entire idea of this blog is my little internet diary for me, and our family and friends - and people of the internet too! 

My new favourite photo of these two!! Plus OMG how freaking cute are those Next trousers!! I'm already kicking myself for not buying them in more sizes!! 

Seriously this kid loves being thrown in the air... and spun around.... tipped upside down!! No idea where he gets it from because it certainly isn't from his parents! 

Not going to lie, this thing made me feel somewhat queezy. I absolutely hate banana boat rode, and this literally felt exactly like one the minute Dann pushed it!! Those smiles are really fake! 

Yeah he loves a swing too... the higher the better.... though mama had to battle the mild panic as he got higher!! 

Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day too, whatever you got up to! 


  1. Aww this is a lovely post. Your little guy is adorable. What a perfect way to spend your first Mothers Day! (Also, since having kids I can't go on swings of any kind! Haha) xx

  2. Happy Mother's Day - and how lovely that you are documenting it all so your son can look back and you have the memories...

  3. The first mothers day is always really special and it looks like you had a fantastic day - and the sun came out too!! Loving all these beautiful family snaps

    Laura x

  4. Love this! Fab photos and you look gorgeous! I love your top too. Glad to hear your 1st mothers day was a great one <3



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