My baby doesn’t sleep through… and why we co-sleep

March 17, 2017

All the books/google suggest that babies will sleep through the night before the age of six months. Some even from three months old.
My baby does not sleep through the night… at all. Not ever! And he is nine months old.

The thing is, I’m kind of OK with it.
Sure I miss a full nights sleep (OK I a lot miss a full nights sleep).
Sure I do sometimes wish I didn’t get woken at night, and on particularly rough nights (thanks teething) I’m practically praying for him to stay in his bed for the night.

BUT I know this won’t last forever.

He isn’t always going to want me. To cuddle me. To fall asleep in the comfort of my arms.
Yes we co-sleep. Every single night.
Sometimes it’s from 2:30am. Sometimes from 1am. Occasionally from 11pm. Every so often, from 10:30pm.
Always until 5am. Sometimes until 6am! You know if we’re super lucky.

The thing is I really do love co-sleeping.
Yeah I’ll be the first to admit that I was worried about it to begin with, and more so to even admit it. Because we all know how judgemental people can be. But I’m now at a time in motherhood where I feel comfortable in my abilities to make a good decision for the welfare of my son and don’t feel like I doubt myself, or need to have my decision backed up.

No co-sleeping isn’t for everyone. But it is no where near as bad as many people will have you believe.
You’d be surprised how well in tune your body can be with your baby. I personally ensure that Henry can’t slip down the bed and under the covers, I pin the duvet underneath my arm so it can’t ride up. I lock my arm under him so I can’t roll onto him, and when he was tiny and I was just starting out co-sleeping (we didn’t start co-sleeping until Henry was around four months) I’d use my v-pillow as a barrier too.

The thing is, everyone sleeps better in our house when we co-sleep. Our night feed is nicer as we can cuddle in our bed and then snuggle down to sleep straight afterwards. I feel like we have this great bond, and because Dann also co-sleeps with Henry, they have it too. It’s just something our family does that makes us close, makes us happy. Of course, this bond, could be completely imagined too. But I do know we have a cuddly little boy, and that is a-okay with me.

Perhaps we’re lazy. But getting up 10 times in an hour just does not do it for me. And to be honest, I don’t think Henry would appreciate it either. Perhaps we’re not tough enough. But I prefer my battles in daylight, and after a cup of tea. Perhaps I’m trying to cling on to that newborn phase for a teeny bit longer. But then who can really blame me, they do grow up faster than anyone can believe.

It’s sleep safe week (13-19 March 2017) so I thought this post was most timely. Because yes it is always, always important to ensure your babies safety whilst sleeping, but that doesn’t mean that bed sharing is not, and can not be safe too.

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Also I’m not even going to pretend that I’m not over the moon with these photos that Dann took, because they are basically awesome!

19 responses to “My baby doesn’t sleep through… and why we co-sleep”

  1. Gareth Torrance says:

    I've always said that it is important to do what it right for you and your child, not matter what others say 🙂 If co-sleeping works best, then it's best to co-sleep!

  2. ThatgirlSue says:

    Really lovely post, hopefully he sleeps better soon

  3. Donna Ashworth says:

    Do what you need to do to stay sane, happy and rested! The years are short and do not last, nothing really matters so no judgement from me!

  4. Ickle Pickle says:

    I totally refused to cosleep with my three eldest for one second, but with Pickle we cosleep every night and we both love it. Kaz 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh lovely. Don't worry about it. We totally do the same. Do what works for you. My little guy whose 1 1/2 falls asleep in my arms, and I put him in bed (youre not 'supposed' to do that are you), and my 3 YEAR OLD has never ever slept through the entire night. She jumps in my bed at about 2am for a cuddle. I never mind at all xxx

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      I'm not even going to lie, you're comment has made my day! Thank you. It's so nice to know someone is going through similar to us! xx

  6. Harriet from Toby & Roo says:

    Oh thank you for linking to me and for saying I inspired you! It's so hard when they don't sleep isn't it? I find it super tough!

  7. Melissa Major says:

    If it works for you all then thats the main thing, we all parent differently and thats great!

  8. Charlotte Gray says:

    Absolutely love this post! I coslept with both my babies for a very long time, well I think about two and a half years each, so like five years in total. It worked for us and didn't cause any long term problems with sleeping independently! We did it because it worked for us, getting up in the night with a baby who didn't sleep, over and over again was exhausting, but she'd sleep in with me, so that was that! Don't regret a single thing!

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Thank you so much!! I'm so glad that co-sleeping hasn't affected them sleeping independently later in life! And I absolutely HATE getting up in the night!! xx

  9. Jenny says:

    My kids are now 5 and 7 and I still haven't had a good nights sleep – I'm waiting until they leave home!

  10. Cristina Oprea says:

    That's so sweet! Reminds me of my childhood when I couldn't sleep without staying on my mother or being hugged by her!

  11. Lindsey Burton-Harrison says:

    I love sleeping with my daughter. She has always slept with me since she was two days old and I would have it no other way! At first I was worried and scared but your maternal instinct kicks in and besides you never sleep for 18 years since giving birth x

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