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Friday, 18 August 2017

Happy Hour at Taco Bell

Dann and I have a bit of a thing for Mexican food. 
Some of our earliest date nights would be in Chiquitos in Ocean Village, and fajita friday was definitely a regular occurrence. 

Back in November last year I was invited to the Taco Bell opening in Southampton, and since then I've been promising Dann a visit! Luckily, Taco Bell invited us along to try their Happy Hour menu* so Dann finally got his way. Parenting and going on date night aren't a friendly combination in the baby days!  

So the Happy Hour Menu - available between 3pm and 6pm daily - is all about sharing! Which of course we adore as a family. 
We had the brand new Cheesy Quesadilla Nachos  (mini quesadillas topped with nacho topping – only £4.49) and crunchy Chicken Share Plate (including chicken strips, traditional Quesadillas - we had pork and fries - just £7.50), served with their Freezes - Strawberry Smash & Lemon Quencher. 

As you can see Henry was pretty pleased to help himself to the fries, although he actually didn't eat many, but rather took a liking to the chicken strips, which was only mildly gutting for this mama who also rather liked the chicken!

Both Dann and I loved the Quesadilla Nachos, and haven't stopped talking about them since!

We finished with their dessert platter, with chocodillas (chocolate Quesadillas) and of course Churros!! We also had a special marshmallow and chocolate square made for Henry which he loved, and looked delicious! 
The Churros were fab with their little pots of chocolate sauce. Did you know that Churros in French are Chi Chi's?? Because we found this out in Paris and we have never ever been able to call them Churros again.... all about Chi Chi's!! 

Although it might not have looked like a whole lot of food, we were absolutely stuffed by the end of all that, but thoroughly happy, including Henry, which is always a plus! 

So will you be hitting Taco Bell for their Happy Hour?

*meal provided in return for review - all opinions as always are my own


  1. Fantastic post, I’m looking forward to hear more from you!!

  2. I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thank you for allowing me
    to comment!

  3. There is a Taco Bell that just opened in my town but I didn't go there yet. I like the idea of a happy hour, especially that you can go there for a late lunch, when on a break from work. The food looks lovely and those churros remind me of the ones I had in Cuba. So delicious!

  4. Oh wow that food looks incredible. I go to Chiquitos a lot because we love Mexican food but I have no idea if there is a Taco Bell anywhere near me to try...


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