Growing Up

October 16, 2017

Honestly, where is this year going? I swear only the other day we were celebrating the first blossoms on the trees in Spring, and now the leaves are turning golden and falling to the ground. We’re already planning Christmas, and then before we know it we’ll be in 2018! 

I know the years have gone by faster as I’ve gotten older, but this year has seriously flown by. 

I think it’s a mix of seeing one of my closest friends announce her pregnancy at the beginning of the year, and then seeing him (not literally, I wasn’t there) arrive, and also watching Henry grow up,which has made the year feel like it has been the fastest yet. 

As much as this year is quite daunting to feel the year go by so quickly, it’s also been the best. 

Seeing this little boy grow up is so rewarding, more so than I ever expected. 

Growing up is hard. It’s full of trials and challenges, even for someone so small yet mighty. But his growing up, has also made me grow up. 

Sure I have my days where I wish I could hide in bed, watching Netflix all day and eating ice cream straight out of the tub. And there are days where the responsibility of having a house, and husband and child, seem so completely overwhelming and just too much. Then I remember I’m nearly 28 years old, and that means I’m an adult now, but I’m not yet done with growing up. 

I don’t think we’re ever really done with growing up. 

We’re constantly learning new things and developing our character. 

And that’s all part of growing up. 

Henry has taught me to be more patient, more accepting, to judge less and experience more. 

He’s taught me that rest is just as important as adventure. 

And that caring and helping others can be rewarding in itself. 

That last one is probably my favourite. 

The below photos are from a few weekends back at his grandparents, with his cousins. They were getting a new toy car and taking it in turns to play on it. And Henry found the most amount of entertainment from helping to push his older cousins around (the battery was running a tad flat) and it was the most endearing sight. The three of them playing and sharing together literally warmed my heart, and I hope they continue to love each other for all the years of their lives together!  

So here’s to helping and caring for others, and to always growing up. 

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