Life with boys

October 8, 2017

I was never really certain I would have a boy.

I’m one of three girls, and although I know this really makes no difference to what gender you have, I just sort of assumed that I would follow in my mother’s footsteps (to be fair she also thought Henry was going to be a girl).

Don’t get me wrong, having a son has been the most wonderful experience, and I have no daughter regrets (yet). Henry is everything you could want from a little boy, but there have definitely been some tricky bits. 

I’m totally out-numbered 3 to 1 – yes I include the cat in this! But I’m really quite happy with the arrangement.

So what is life like with boys?

There’s a lot of fart jokes. Obviously from Dann but I’m sure Henry is in on them already. Especially with the lean forward. 

I miss out on the co-ordinated outfits, unless it’s dungarees. I mean don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING cuter than seeing my boys in co-ordinating tops, especially Batman ones!

Getting outdoors is a big priority because I think boys (and girls to be fair) need lots of running around. Though I am not looking forward to the bug days! 

I feel like I’m seeing double, as these two are so similar, and it’s definitely more apparent when you see baby photos of Dann. They’re like twins! I swear he only has my eyes and teeth, and my baby blonde hair (I was white blonde as a child, believe it or not)

Boys shoes are not as much fun as girls shoes. Sorry, they’re just not. And although he does have some pretty cool shoes – rainbow soles trainers and fleece lined monster high tops – they just don’t compare to baby girl Mary Jane’s and frilly socks. 

One thing I never anticipated was the pressure of having a son. Everyone talks of the pressures of being the mother of a daughter, teaching them how to protect themselves and how they worry for their futures, for equality and their safety. But I think the pressure is higher for mums of sons. We have the responsibility to teach our sons what is right and wrong. How women and men should be treated. If we teach our sons to treat women as equal, then women of the future would have nothing to worry about. It we teach our sons to respect women and what constitute as consent, then women of the future won’t have to worry so much for their safety (of course this is a generalisation and there will always be exceptions to the rules.). Mother’s (and father’s) of son’s can help to shape the future and change how our society thinks.

But it’s all worth it, 1000% worth it. Because life with boys is pretty damn great! 

3 responses to “Life with boys”

  1. Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours says:

    Aww firstly what a cute little boy! Lovely photo's! I have three boys and 1 girl so there's lots of fart type jokes here! I love it though and even though I'm so happy I have my one girl who is my princess, I love little boys. There's something so sweet and innocent about them and they love their mummies 😉

  2. Everything Mummy says:

    Aww lovely photos here, I am a mum of three girls. If I ever did have a boy I would feel completely lost!

  3. Jennifer Gladwin says:

    I was the same and always visioned myself with girls and then I had two boys! I've loved every minute though. We now have a girl too and typically she is a complete tomboy!

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