Homely dinners at the Balmoral Inn Beefeater

June 24, 2016

I’m a definite food lover, and I really love homely pub-grub style foods, nothing to complicated, just tasty and filling! When we were recently invited to review the newly re-furbed Balmoral, Beefeater* in Southampton I was really excited as it brought back memories of my childhood family trips to Beefeater’s for special occasions. We always went to our local one for big birthdays or large family get together’s and we always had an amazing time.

We went along on the Friday before Henry was born (unbeknownst to us at the time, I was actually already in pre-labour!) for our last dinner out as a two.

The restaurant has the cutest theme, obviously being a Beefeater, they focus on beef and cows, but it’s in a family pub/farm kind of style which I love. Check out the awesome cow cuts board!! The decor all round was like a modern day country pub which I loved.

We were sat really quickly in a family booth by Dave who was incredibly friendly, which even with my large bump was a great fit and comfy, and would be perfect for little families. After a quick introduction to our waitress Summah, we ordered drinks, cider (the last alcohol before Henry arrived) and bottomless lemonade and set about looking over the menu.

Having not been to a Beefeater in a long time it was nice to see that they haven’t gone far from their characteristic menu type, but updated it to reflect the times. There was a great selection of starters, including a prawn cocktail which I would have loved but couldn’t have – maybe next time. Dann chose their brand new Salt Beef Board which looked amazing and was really unique take on a normal meat board.

For our mains we had a Mixed Grill (I wanted to try everything!) and Dann had the Surf and Turf with their new Prawn and Lobster sauce. To say the food was cooked to perfection would be an understatement.Most restaurants tend to over cook steak even if you ask for it rare which Dann does, but the steaks came out beautifully, if a little under-done, but I’ll take under than over-done when it comes to steak any day of the week. Also an added note, the triple cooked chips are AMAZING! I’m not a huge chip fan, in factI’ll usually choose anything but chips but OMG these were so so good, and Dann’s had an extra seasoning which made them even better!

We finished our meal with a Eton Mess Raspberry Berry Sundae to share and an expresso for Dann. I love love love Eton Mess and this did not disappoint!!

To be quite honest we had a fab evening, made all the better for great food and impeccable service, and looking back I can’t think of a better last meal out before Henry arrived!!

*meal discount provided in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.

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